Raynaud's Awareness Month - February 2014

The team at Head Office were working frantically to try and spread awareness of the massively underdiagnosed Raynaud’s phenomenon. We spread the word virally on our Facebook and twitter pages and asked our followers to share the poster (on the right hand side) using #ram and #getyourgloveson. We got a lot of support and even got Dr Hilary Jones to mention it on his twitter account. Liz gave radio interviews to BBC Radio Stoke and Pure Radio, amongst others, and the Mirror ran an article featuring Jenni Falconer.

We are still looking for support despite Raynaud’s Awareness Month being over. If you would like to generously donate, you can do so by texting RAMS14 £amount to 70070. The money donated will either be deducted from your credit or be included on your next bill.

Thank you for your support.