Vibration-induced White Finger (VWF) is the most common symptom of hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). It does not become apparent immediately after the initial exposure to vibration and workers may not complain of symptoms for months or even years. This is known as the latent period. The pattern of changes resembles that of other forms of Raynaud’s.

Symptoms can initially be those of numbness and a tingling sensation of the hands and fingers which may be due to the combined effect of poor circulation and vibration damage to nerve endings. Finger whiteness occurs in attacks when the hands or body are cold or wet. The attacks may last 15 minutes or more until the hands re-warm. The fingers then become red as the blood vessels relax and the blood rushes back. Fingers in both hands may be affected although the fingers most exposed to vibration (e.g. the trigger finger) may be symptomatic initially.

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